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We have worked closely with the UK digital agency Delete (now UNRVLD) since 2003. This has allowed us to work with many international brands, including leading UK universities, Premier League football clubs, property developers and more.


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Digital transformation for UK FOOTBALL CLUB

An English football club that plays in the Premier League, approached our partner with a request to develop a website. They needed a modern and dynamic website that would engage fans in the life of their favourite football club and provide new opportunities for commercial activities: selling merchandise, tickets, club memberships and special services during games.

  • Developed on Sitecore
  • Dynamic content feed, powered by OPTA data, that adapted to the team schedule
  • Bespoke 'Match day live' experience with custom CMS
  • E-commerce and ticketing integration
  • Integration with Third Light
How we worked together

Fixed price projects

We use the Fixed Price model to include extra features in a product for an existing client, perform system audits, and carry out analytics before starting a project.

Application management

This type of maintenance keeps the solution up and running by supporting business-critical functionality and guaranteeing required SLA for the business.

On-Call support

We are always in touch, we will help in emergency situations.


Multiple platforms covered

The long term relationship involved development on a number of different technical platforms, namely Sitecore, Kentico and Umbraco.

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The team helped us to implement new processes at all stages of the client relationship. Thanks to them we were able to grow our business and sell it in 2020.

Now Delete Agency has become UNRVLD. And I have joined the ByteMinds team and take enormous pride in the work we continue to deliver.

Mark Walton
Ex CEO of Delete
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